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 William T. Cooper  Greg Postle  Landsborough Galleries framing service
Birds, Animals, flora, landscapes, books
Ltd prints
Australian Birds
Ltd prints
Rare prints
Call, free quotes
Forest Falls by Ando
Robert Hagan
Birds, landscapes
Original oils and Ltd prints
Western, Romantic
Original oils, Ltd prints, DVD, Books, tutorials
Originals pen and ink, Ltd prints
Tony Pridall
John Beeman Darryl Trott
Australian and African Fauna
Original oils and ltd prints
Original Acrylic
Original Watecolours, Ltd prints
Lyn Ellison artist
Robert Charles Martin Giovanna Cattoi
 Birds and African fauna
Ltd prints
 Ballet, Nudes, Portraiture
Original oils and ltd prints
Myths and legends, Underwater, Nudes
Original oils, Pencil, Ltd prits
Raelean Hall Mel Brigg Donald James Waters
Seascapes, Drawings
Originals, Sumi-E brush, Ltd prints
Ltd canvas prints
Iconic Australian
Metaphors, Storytelling art,
Original acrylics, Ltd prints
Rowena Fanali Maryika Welter Ted Moran
Fantasy, mandalas, illustrations
Clay, paper, pen and ink 
Acrylics and multi-media
Abstract sculpture
Glass, steel, stone
Natalie Dyer Merry Sparks Paolo Fanali
 Modern, quirky
Acrylic, pen and ink
Pop Art
Acrylic, photography
Landscape, portraiture
At the End of the Day by Robert Ixer
Geo Dreaming Melbourne by Noongali
Landsborough Galleries
 Traditional European art
Original Oils
Aboriginal art
Ltd prints
Originals, Ltd prints
Richard MacDonald - Katherine Cutty Sark by Colin Parker
Landsborough Galleries
International sculptor
Figure, dance
Ships and Aircrafts
Original oils, Ltd prints
Originals, Ltd prints
Cherry Armstrong (glass)      Leadlight Lamp by Cherry Armstrong     Mirror by Cherry Armstrong
 Art deco glass
Lead-lights, glass and mirrors

   Caesars Horse by Lee Andreason  
American Sculptor
Modern bronze

*Please note: Originals are available depending on stocks


William T Cooper artist  Lyn Ellison artist




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