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Sleeping Lubra by ANDO  
From his first painting at the age of four to the World’s Largest Work of Art
at the age of forty, Ando has created a portfolio of amazing variety. Over
one hundred of his paintings have been published as limited editions and
other various products. Ando’s exhibitions have always been sell-outs
including two which were opened by the Governor General of Australia.
Ando has been an established artist for over 25 years in his native Australia,
exhibiting since the age of 15. Amazingly, this incredibly gifted artist is self-taught
and has never had an art lesson in his life!

The world's largest art work "Mundi-mundi Man" by Ando

In recent years, Ando has decided to challenge himself with bigger projects.
He has amazed viewers with the remarkable Big Picture which, towering at
over 10 meters high and almost 100 meters around, is believed to be the
World's Largest canvas painting by a single artist. Ando's 46 million square
foot Mundi Mundi Man, the World's Largest Work of Art which was etched
into the Mundi Mundi plains in outback Australia , has been featured on
ABC and Ripley's Believe it or Not. (You can even view Mundi Man on
Google Earth!)

Although he has the incredible engineering and artistic skills to create such
colossal projects, Ando’s sense of detail is also evident in every square inch
of each painting on 'normal sized' canvas! His paintings reflect his style of
Ando-Realism -- an amazing feel for perception, reflection, depth, shadow
and light. Ando’s still life paintings have an energy and action that defy the
term "still". The quality and incredible detail of Ando's work speaks for
itself in every brush stroke. You feel as though you can walk into his
landscapes, or touch the feathers on each bird.

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ANDO, Forest Falls

ANDO, Forest Falls

Forest Falls Artist ANDO Original acrylic on canvas Framed size 105cm x 177cm. Image approx 80.5cm x 152.5cm

Product Code : 675
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Currently Displayed - 1 to 1 of 1
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